Dear Music-Lovers ;

Let me please introduce you ‘’ SİNEMA SENFONİ’’the first film music orchestra in Turkey; i.e in Europe with justifiable pride.

First of all I want to give you a brief resume about me for you to understand how to come to this idea. Thank to my father Yalçın Ateş, my genes are already functioning as musician. Studying classical music for 10 years which was certified as a graduate of the University Mimar Sinan State Conservatory ‘horn section’ and then the continuing experience as horn-player in Istanbul State Opera and Ballet orchestra for more then 30 years made me gain a broad vision in terms of music. Beside classical music also jazz was a passion for me. But I was more interested in film musics. I think MUSICS ARE COMPASS OF MOVIES. I was feeling as if the soundtracks (regardless of the kind of music) were giving directions to the stories. Just close your eyes and listen to the music when a movie starts. Try to understand the type of the film; drama, comedy, action, war, thriller, fantasy, mythological..
What do you hear?
Which type of the film shows the compass? Or you better turn off the music. What do you feel? It’s like a meal but tasteless as if one of the main materials was missing, right? When I felt this I realized that music was also a seperate movie in existing movie. Music seemed to strengthen the intended emotion which touches your soul. Music was making you feel empathy with the story as if you were a part of it. I was thinking that these emotionally charged musics, these soundtracks deserve an orchestra which can reflect the similar influence of the films to the art-lovers. It was a great pleasure to bring together our musicians, our orchestra arrangers and conductors from different cities of Turkey. We had built up a great family and all members of this family was very much excited. Today Cinema Sypmphony is very much proud to present you the art-lovers the soundtracks of the unforgettable movies. Wealth of music created by the precious musicians, supported sometimes by the film frames.. and sometimes by the most famous film actors or actresses who honour our orchestra as soloists. We wish to meet you all in one of our visual - auditory feasts...

Art Director


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